Monday, October 12, 2009

Ramsey Lewis "Love Notes" 1977

This album was one of my first jazz LP's I bought, back in 1977 when it was released.   I was introduced to this LP by an R and B radio station in the Washington DC area called WKYS (93Kiss), and they played a mix of jazz and soul and  disco (of course this is era appropriate).  They would play the title cut "Love Notes" at exactly 5:55 AM practically every morning.  However, they would never say the artist and title, so it took many frustrated mornings till I could get through to the DJ to get the answer.  The rest is history.  My favorite tracks here  are "Love Notes", "The Messenger" and "Spring High".

I have come to enjoy many of Ramsey Lewis' works over the years.  Other favorite albums from RL are Sun Goddess, Tequila Mockingbird and Funky Serenity.  I checked with Amazon, and it looks like they are getting ready (finally!) after 32 years to release this on CD.  It is only in pre-order status.  When this becomes available, I will get the CD version to get a clean recording of this timeless work.  This LP rip was done on my original 1977 album, sonically it still sounds pretty amazing!  If you enjoy this LP, I encourage you to go purchase the CD when it becomes available in November.


  1. This was a great album. I have fond memories of listening to both Spring High and Love Notes in college. BTW, both of those are Stevie Wonder originals!

  2. Several of the LP's are now out on CD, so please keep on links removed where applicable.