Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gino Vannelli "Crazy Life" 1973

I discovered the power of Gino Vannelli's music around 1985.  It is clear from his early works that his roots are in jazz and most of his albums clearly reveal that. Over the years, I have collected all of his recordings that I could with the exception of this one.  This LP "Crazy Life" was his first release and was produced by Herb Alpert.  It did get released to CD, however it has been 'out-of-print' and discontinued by the manufacturer for sometime now.  I purchased the LP from eBay two weeks ago, and this was my first listen, and it is clearly GV's style that many know and can appreciate.  I looked up Gino Vannelli on and there was an interesting bit of trivia that Pope John Paul II requested a performance by him (sometime in the 90's), and he complied.  It turns out that the Pope was impressed by the CD Canto and became an instant fan.  My favs on this are "Crazy Life" and "There's No Time".   My other favorite albums are "Storm At Sunup" and "Brother to Brother" and "Powerful People"....Enjoy and hopefully you can purchase some of his other commercially available CD's.


  1. Thanx 4 this gem? Got any more from Mr VanneLLi?

  2. Thanks for sharing! This is very rare!

  3. Thank you very much for this!!