Tuesday, October 6, 2009

O'Donel Levy - "Through A Song" - 1982

This LP seems to be rare or at least some of his more obscure work.  Although I feel it is carries on some of his late 70's work..  Discogs does not even list this LP in his discography.  The LP I have I purchased through eBay.  It is a signed copy from O'Donel Levy himself. I have edited out the signature (photo post-processing) for the cover art.  This LP "Through A Song" is a melodic work that features 100% vocal tracks.  Vocalists include O'Donel himself, Aleta Green (has appeared on other works by OL) and a local artist Rebecca Anderson.  The fidelity is suprisingly good.  The arrangements are cleanly recorded and are relatively uncluttered and clean.  It is produced by O'Donel Levy and shows ILM productions ILM-002, so this must be the second album release from ILM.  My favorite tracks are "I Am, I Am" and "Through A Song". Enjoy.

  1. I Am, I Am (in two parts on 1 track) - 8:39
  2. A Ship For Two - 6:50
  3. Through A Song - 4:47
  4. Love This Spring - 5:30
  5. Love Is Calling You - 6:49

The album notes that track 4 utilizes local artists, and track 5 is a composition from a friend writer Pansye S. Atkinson and Fred Hord.

 O'Donel Levy - Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass
Dennis Chambers - Drums
Aleta Green - Vocals
Rebecca Anderson - Vocals (Track 4)
Gary Richardson - Bass
Robert Butta - Piano (Track 4)
Charles Covington - Piano (Track 5)
Morris Dow - Harmonica (Track 1)
David E. Smith - Flute, Synthesizer (Track 3)

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