Monday, October 28, 2013

Tim Eyermann - "Go-rilla" (1978)

Continuing along with the Tim Eyermann theme, another release from the Juldane Records Studio, I came across a sealed NEW LP on eBay of "Go-rilla" and had to snag it.  So presented here is Tim Eyermann and the East Coast Offering.
After graduating from Duquesne University, Eyermann spent six years in the United States Air Force, playing with the NORAD Band and eventually the U.S. Air Force's The Airmen of Note. After his discharge from the Air Force, Eyermann became a very busy man recording music as a studio musician. He worked with Count Basie, Maynard Ferguson, Julie Andrews, The Spinners and Anita Baker. In 1974, he formed a band called the East Coast Offering which was led by Eyermann. Many categorize his music as jazz, hard bop, or fusion. Tim was also nominated for two Grammies. In 1999 Tim released his most recent album Karla's Fire.

My favorite track on this album is the moody and inspired track: "Requiem for an Unborn Child", this has got to have personal implications from his own life, the composition certainly reflects this...

Tim Eyermann - Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute and Alto Flute and Bass Flute
Greg Karukas - Keyboards
Carl Gable - Fretless Electric Bass
Shannon Ford - Drums
Kent Ashcraft - Guitar
Steve Bloom - Percussion
Jeff Hurwitz - Keyboards (Tracks 4,6)
Wade Matthews - Fretless Electric Bass (tracks 4,6)
Dave Palamer - Drums (Tracks 4,6)
Phil McCusker - Guitar (Tracks 4,6)

Please enjoy, and let your mind roll back to 1978 and the fusion funk jazz that emanated from that time period.  This seems rare enough that Discogs did not have much information.


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