Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tim Eyermann and the East Coast Offering - "Aloha" (1980)

I had the cassette of the "Aloha" release back in 1980 when TE and the East Coast Offering was breaking in to the Jazz Fusion scene.  So I decieded to hunt down an LP copy of this album and make an LP rip of this and post. As I was listening to this album, many memories flooded back from my college days, my favorite track is "A Certain Smile" which is a great instrumental version of the Johnny Mathis ballad.  The track "Karen's Song" received a fair amount of airplay on the jazz stations back then...
My last few LP rips have been done with a new cartridge, Denon DL110.  I decided to retire my Sumiko Blue Point, perhaps it was getting too much wear?  It seemed the detail was starting to diminish. I bring this up, because it seems that the high-end detailing was fairly pronounced on this LP. I would like to go back to the Sumiko to compare, but its such a hassle replecing cartridges on that SME tomearm.
The album cover was atrocious (received from eBay) and in awful shape, so I spent several hours restoring the LP cover scans, and uploaded to discogs.com (their copy was in poor shape also)



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