Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tim Eyermann - "Unity" (1977)

This may be one of Tim Eyermann's first recordings, from a now a defunct studio (Juldane Records).  This LP was recorded without the East Coast Offering and so I though it was unique.  I was listening to some Airmen of Note LP when I saw "Tim Eyermann" credited for a solo. So I found out that was where he started his career, and then went solo.  I recently learned from Wikipedia that TE died in 2007 from complications from surgery and lung cancer.  So this started me to find which recordings never were released  I used to listen to his East Coast Offering material when I was in college and really enjoyed their music.
So I found out this "Unity" LP is rare and was able to get one for a reasonable cost through eBay.  However, on Side A, there is a "pop" although muted, still comes through after the Click-Repair processing.  I tried other ways to remove it and was unsuccessful.  At least Side B is okay. There are no credits on Discogs for me to reference (again it is rare) and I uploaded my cleaned up LP cover scan to Discogs.  I hope you enjoy...


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    Hi...it is possible for you to upload it again?
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