Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Jazz Three - "Daytripper" 1973

I came across this gem on eBay, and have never heard of the group, and neither had (which is generally unusual).  So I  had to have it because of it's rarity.  This purchase delivered!  You can try and Google this recording and like myself, will find no information!!  After spending hours researching this recording, I have come to the conclusion that this was several session musicians that came together to play some jazz standards, and Sony-Superscope help bankroll this, so they could add more repertoire to their catalog.  These three musicians appear courtesy of Takt Records.

Front Cover

Rear Cover

Tape (close-up)

Produced by: Jack Wagner Cover Design: Samuel Green
Musicians: Kazuo Yashiro, Masanaga Harada, and Jimmy Takeuchi
(Courtesy of Takt Records - Japan)


  1. This is a fantastic recording! Thanks for posting.

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