Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Irrepressible Impulses -1972

I had received some email from a follower, and she had a sealed copy of the the Sampler :"Irrepressible Impulses" from 1972, and wanted to mail to me to rip and post.  So I agreed, and was actually not familiar with the work, but after one listen, I realized there were some great gems on this recording.  Even though it debuted in 1972, the recording fidelity is fantastic.  I have yet to scan the Cover art , so what I am posting is someone else's scan... But I will eventually scan and update this post.  My favorite here is Astral Traveling, featuring one of my ATF "Lonnie Liston Smith" on Rhodes Electric... I can see where is style originated and was born from... please enjoy...

To View the Tracklist and Credits got o Discogs...:


  1. https://app.box.com/s/o8z2exl5z4gznjcnxjr4t6clrq3hnefc

  2. Thank you!! --Merrie

  3. many thank´s for this collect. absolute outsanting , Many Tahnk´s !

  4. Thanks.I haven't seen this before.