Monday, September 20, 2010

Matrix - "Harvest" 1981

This is my second post of a Matrix LP.  The group has their own website ( where LP's and CD's can be purchased, however "Harvest" and "IX" are totally out-of-print in any medium.  This LP still maintains the tight and dynamic brass arrangements that Matrix is known for.  It is amazing that the LP can still deliver the "punch" that CD's are well known for.  I am also displaying the back cover artwork just to give an idea of the group's makeup (photo of recording session). Click on the image below to get a full size view:
  Pony by littlejazzarium

I actually like this LP more than "IX", because I believe it is more melodic and structured, and therefore in my opinion, more to my liking.  My favorite cut is "El Tigre" and "Harvest", but all tracks are very good.  If you like this, go the group's website and purchase the CD's that are available.  Each track unfolds a story that is worthy of telling....I hope you enjoy!!
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Track 1: "El Tigre"
Soloists - John Harmon on Piano; Jeff Pietrangelo on Flugelhorn; RandyTico on Bass

Track 2: "Pony"
Soloists - John Harmon on Piano; Larry Darling on Flugelhorn

Track 3: "Harvest" (In Honor of the American Indian)
I. Prayer of Thanksgiving
II. Feast
III. Celebration Dance
Soloists - John Kirchberger on Alto Flute; Jeff Pietrangelo on Flugelhorn
Track 4: "Blue Black"
Track 5: "Maestro" (for Aaron Copland)
Soloists - Kurt Dietrich on Trombone; John Kirchberger on Saxophone

Track 6: "Balthazar"
Soloists - John Kirchberger on Soprano Saxophone; Mike Hale on Trumpet; Randy Tico on Bass


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  2. Really liked Pony, I'm going to try the whole LP as well. I ended up here after looking for info on Esther Satterfield.

  3. I'm so grateful for this album.
    Many many thanks.


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  6. After visiting the band's website, I would love to hear this recording but the link above is inoperative. Any chance for another re-up? Most appreciated.