Friday, March 19, 2010

Worldwide Groove - "Reaching For You" 1997

This group borders between jazz-soul group and acid-jazz. They are not be mistaken with Worldwide Groove Corporation, which is a totally different group. This group's sound is similar to that of Incognito but with simpler arrangements.  I stumbled across this group in a Border's Bookstore that offered Live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and was overwhelmed by the music they were giving the audience.  Normally these live performers are one-person bands, whereas Worldwide Groove had a full band with lead female vocalist and background vocalists.  Needless to say, they were a bit much for a bookstore, but I really enjoyed their music and bought their CD. They do have great harmonies, and relaxing melodies...its too bad that this their only release that I know of....? It is poorly circulated and out-of-print from the manufacturer.  My favorite cuts are "Reaching For You" and "And The Rain".  Enjoy....posted at 128kbps, their CD can be had at many used CD please go get a copy!

Lead Vocals - Sonya Mendez
Guitar - Anthony Forcucci
Drums - John Pickard
Percussion - Jerald Sherman
Keyboards - Sam Gigliotti
Bass - Andres Soler

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