Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peabo Byson - "Reaching For The Sky" 1977

It's December, and it is that time of the year when things start to get busy, so I am a little behind on my posting.  
Well this post is a little different than others, in that I am posting a great 'soul' LP, more aptly referred to as 'R&B'  these days.  The hit from this LP is "Feel The Fire", and can be found on other commercially available Peabo Bryson collections. However, there are so many other cuts from this LP that are well worth the listen.  Notably, PB's  "Hold On To The World", and the bluesy "Love Walked Out on Me" and of course the title track "Reaching For The Sky".  All eight tracks on this LP are Peabo original compositions.  This archive was made from the original LP that I purchased in 1977, and provided a nice workout for the 'ClickRepair' software utility and certainly showcases it's strengths.  Hope you enjoy!

Bass - Larry Ball
Bells - Bobby Christian 
Guitar [Lead] - Ross Traut
Guitar [Rhythm] - Danny Leake
Keyboards - Paul Libman
Synthesizer [Moog] - Terry Fryer
Vibraphone [Vibes] - Bobby Christian


  1. Who ever you are I need to say "I love you". If only you knew how long, how many years I tried to find a way to buy this album and I had absolutely no success. I settled for downloading the song "Hold on to the World" which brings back so, so so, many wonderful memories. (actually I downloaded the whole album, specifically for that song. I am from the old, old school but I have an appreciation for All kinds of mucic, yet this album, especially this song makes me want to skip through the streets, cry for joy and sing till my neighbors bang on the walls. I love this song so much. Its like finding all the good memories that escaped your mind due to age and life. I was in my early 20's when this album came out. Right now I am back in 1977 ready to fall in love all over again. Thank you so very much for allowing me to download this incredible album. Rose W

  2. You are Welcome Rose,
    I know what you mean, "Hold On TO The World" brings back so many memories for me too...and my fav part is at the end where some great chord progressions build, and PB sings:"..go on and fall in love, don't be afraid to fall in love....right now...go on and fall in love right now..." hope you can find other pieces of music that can stitch those memories together :)

  3. That album is a classic and brings back many fond memories of bittersweet love in college. "Hold On" is my personal favorite too, he SANG THE HELL out that song! I also like the speaking part in "Love Walked On Me". Thanks so much for posting this lost gem!

  4. I was amazed I pick this rare vinyl copy of this at Goodwill today for 76 or 77 cents, amazing!!!

  5. Finally to everyone, the entire album along with Crosswind have just been re-issued to CD the first time through back in March. Long overdue. It's now avaialble to purchase on Amazon and other retailers.


  6. Thanks for the heads-up, already ordered my copy of the CD!! Link Removed :(